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Access Sensor for Windows and Doors


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Access Sensor for Windows and Doors


Alerts When Windows or Doors Open

The Access Sensor for Doors and Windows works with a smart home security system to alert homeowners when a door or window is left open. The wireless sensor's highly-sensitive detection technology can recognize when a door or window is opened an inch or more.

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Access Sensor for Doors and Windows
Product Overview

Product Overview

Monitor a home at each access point with the Access Sensor for Doors and Windows. The wireless door or window sensor discreetly watches one door or window and sends an alert when it opens an inch or more. If a homeowner leaves, the smart home security system can send a reminder if the door or window is left open, helping keep the home secure.

  • Communicates wirelessly and efficiently using Honeywell Secure Wiselink® Protocol
  • Comes with no screws or wires for fast and simple installation
  • Includes lithium battery that can last up to four years with normal usage
  • Can detect movement at 0.9 inches when opening and 0.8 inches when closing
  • Sends alerts to a smart device when a window or door is even slightly open
  • Measures 3.72 in x 1.01 in x 0.92 in (94.5 x 25.7 x 23.2 mm)
  • Weights 1.7 g without the battery

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Give your customers control of their air.

The Security Access Sensor for Windows & Doors is supported by our Honeywell Home App, which lets you control your Honeywell Home devices from anywhere, in one connected platform.

The app's one-touch dashboard brings heating and cooling control, water leak detection and security all together with activity alerts, smart home integration, improved geofencing and improved usability.


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