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Outdoor Wireless Transmitter


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Outdoor Wireless Transmitter


Guarding The Gates

Give your customers the whole-home advantage with the Outdoor Wireless Transmitter. It's ideal for monitor gates, sheds, detached garages or any other outdoor area with an exit/entry point. This device is robust, water resistant and weatherproof.

This product is available from a licensed professional installer


Outdoor Wireless Transmitter
Product Overview

Product Overview

Excellent Outdoor Detection And Performance

This robust waterproof Outdoor Wireless Transmitter gets the job done. Extreme weather conditions do not deter this device. It operates in temperatures from -40º F to 150º F (-40º C to +66º C) and 100% relative humidity. The sensor contains two unique zones: The first can have external devices wired directly to it. The second has a built-in magnetic reed switch that can be used to protect gates, sheds, detached garages or any other outdoor area with an exit/entry point.

Features include:

  • Water-resistant housing makes it ideal for harsh outdoor climates
  • Maximum magnet gap 1.75" on wood, vinyl and non-metallic surfaces and 1.25" on steel to facilitate easier installation
  • Two long life AA lithium batteries, easily replaceable
  • Built-in reed switch contact loop
  • Built-in wired closed contact loop (for use with external devices)
  • Tamper protection-removal of front cover and transmitter from mounting plate
  • Screw mountable
  • Stainless steel or nylon cable tie mountable (ties not included)
  • Magnet and magnet spacer included
  • Paintable plastic housing to match any surface

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Outdoor Wireless Transmitter