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747PD Piezo Dynamic Siren

SKU: 747PD

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747PD Piezo Dynamic Siren

SKU: 747PD

Easy, energy-efficient siren

Do your customers crave more sound for their home security system? These indoor sirens feature terminal blocks, hinged covers and elliptical mount holes, which can simplify and speed up installation. Bonus: They draw 1/3 the current of standard security sirens.



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Product Overview

Your customers deserve to roam freely throughout their house, armed with the comfort and confidence that they'll hear the alarm if their home security system gets triggered. Drawing just 1/3 the current of standard security sirens, the Piezo Dynamic Siren lets you add indoor sirens to your customer's basement, garage and other peripheral areas of their home—all on the same alarm panel. They're loaded features that can make for easy installation, too, such as easy-to-wire terminal blocks, hinged case covers and elliptical mount holes.

  • Two tones to choose from: Steady and Warble
  • Half the weight and 1/3 the current requirements of standard sirens
  • Easy-to-wire terminal strip (no splicing or crimping)
  • Convenient snap-open hinged case cover
  • Elliptical mounting holes and large wiring channel
  • Globally compliant and UL approved
  • Compatible with LYNX™ control panels
  • Tampered version available (747PDT)

How to Get Started

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2. Get the App

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Note: Resideo Pro App currently works with T5 & T6 smart Thermostats

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3. Install

Use the Resideo Pro App to install T6 Pro Smart Thermostat in homes, which will associate those homes to your company. Then you'll be able to select which homeowners see your logo based on the pricing per household (consumer will not be charged).

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