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Buoy™ Whole Home Water Controller


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Buoy™ Whole Home Water Controller


Expanded Water Awareness

Keep customers connected to their water usage with a whole home water leak detection device. Installed on a main water line, the Buoy™ device tracks real-time water use data via the Buoy™ App. And in the event of a leak, homeowners can shut off the water.

This product is available from a licensed professional installer

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Buoy Replacement Indoor Charger Adapter
Product Overview

Product Overview

At its most basic, the Buoy™ Whole Home Water Controller is a smart water leak detector — though it can do so much more. Installed on as little as 4 inches of pipe, the Buoy™ Whole Home Water Controller attaches to a home’s main water line, capturing all water usage data from inside and outside the home, breaking it down into categories displayed in the app . Your customers will be able to see exactly where their water is going and how much.

After professional installation, the Buoy™ Whole Home Water Controller connects to your customer's existing WiFi network, sending real-time data to the Resideo Home App. If a leak is detected, the app notifies your customer immediately via push notification, offering them the option to shut off their water entirely to help prevent additional flooding and/or contact you to assist with the issue.

The Buoy™ Whole Home Water Controller includes: Indoor Charging Kit, (2) rubber gasket rings and (2) 3/4-inch water meter union joints

  • Installs in less than two hours on 4-13 inches of exposed pipe with at least 6 inches clearance from walls, pipes and appliances
  • Connected app includes options to shut off water to home and contact a licensed pro
  • Real-time water usage tracking helps conserve and avoid waste
  • Uses your customer’s existing WiFi - no extra hub required
  • Optional Buoy™ Waterhorn (sold separately) allows for installation in small spaces, reducing retrofit and overall job time
  • Battery is fully-charged in as little as two hours — Additional Buoy™ Extra Batteries are sold separately
  • Buoy™ Outdoor Power Adapter (sold separately) keeps battery charged and operating in the event of power loss

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Buoy™ Whole Home Water Controller