Pro-IQ™ Services

Stop guessing and start planning with connected smart solutions.

Pro-IQ™ Services is an adaptable suite of marketing retention, and predictive software tools that are designed for the evolving digital home. With Pro-IQ Services you can take customer relationships beyond the traditional install/repair life cycle.

Take Customer Retention Beyond Mailers and Stickers with Pro-IQ Essentials

Upload Your Logo to Our System

Get Constant Logo Visibility on the Resideo App Interface

Customers Can Reach You at the Touch of a Button

Pro-IQTM Advanced

Drive New Levels of Proactive Servicing with Pro-IQ Advanced

Remote HVAC monitoring kit and training

Know you before you go; save on truck rolls

Proactive Customer Support for Recurring Monthly Revenue

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Monthly subscription

Monthly subscription

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Remote HVAC monitoring kit
Know you before you go; save on truck rolls

Proactive customer support for recurring monthly revenue


*Based on Resideo internal data


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Eliminate the Guesswork in HVAC Diagnostics with Pro-IQ™ Services

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Bringing your brand to our app with Pro- IQ™Essentials

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Keep your business front of mind with Pro-IQ™Essentials

Pro-IQ™ Advanced Solution Overview

Pro-IQ™ Advanced AC and Furnace Install

Pro-IQ™ Advanced Portal Overview

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Know Before You Go with Every Truck Roll - Pro-IQ™ Advanced

Pro-IQ Services - Better equipped for the Future, Better Equipped for Growth

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