Resideo VISTA® security systems are now fully certified by Control4, one of the leading vendors of Home Automation and Control Systems.

Take Control of a Great New Opportunity!

Home owners with integrated VISTA and Control4 solution, will be able to manage their security, thermostat, lighting control and home entertainment systems from a consistent user interface on a graphical keypad, TV, smartphone or web-browser. By expanding their offering to include Home Automation and Control, Resideo Security dealers will be able to deliver more value to their customers, differentiate themselves from competitors, close more business and increase customer loyalty. Control4 dealers will now be able to complete installation of integrated systems in much less time than previously possible. Resideo VISTA security systems are the only ones to support automatic upload of zone descriptors into the Control4 system saving hours of programming time.


Control4 Certified Partner products integrate easily with the Control4 platform through highly functional two-way drivers. These products and drivers are rigorously tested in Control4 labs for interoperability with the Control4 ecosystem. Certified drivers are made available for download directly from Control4 and full technical support is available.

Resideo security dealers have been requesting an officially supported method for integrating VISTA control panels with the Control4 ecosystem.

Becoming a certified partner provides Resideo security dealers with an opportunity to align themselves with Control4 dealers operating in the same region to provide security services. Additionally, Resideo dealers who are already Control4 dealers will now be able to benefit from the large range of Resideo security panels and peripherals in their high-end home automation installations. Control4 dealers now have an opportunity to use Resideo security products with Control4 or align with a Resideo security dealer to offer their customers a Resideo security solution!

A single, low-cost module (4232CBM Connected Building Module) and Control4 driver supports both residential and SMB Resideo VISTA panels (VISTA-15P, 20P, 21iP, 128BPT, 128BPTSIA)*. The installation and Control4 configuration process is identical, for any type of  VISTA panel used. The 4232CBM is also the only solution that allows the Control4 driver to import zone alpha descriptors from the panel, eliminating multiple entry of the same data and simplifying installation.

All Resideo equipment, including the 4232CBM interface module, is available through ADI. Control4 equipment is sold directly.

Resideo is not selling Control4 products and Control4 is not selling Resideo products. Our relationship is enabling the business opportunity for Resideo security dealers and Control4 dealers through the module/driver interface.

  • Control4 will handle technical support of the Control4 driver.
    • Control4 Technical Support: 1-888-400-4072
  • Resideo will handle technical support of the 4232CBM module.
    • Resideo Technical Support: 1-800-645-7492

*Specific minimum software versions are required; consult 4232CBM datasheet for more details.