A living room is lit up by natural daylight through nearby windows.

Lutron Radiora 2®

Resideo VISTA security systems now support Lutron’s RadioRa 2, a wireless lighting control system.

Home owners with supported VISTA control panels can now add lifestyle benefits and an enhanced security experience using RadioRA 2 to control lights, shades and temperature in response to the security system’s state (arm, disarm). Resideo Security dealers may expand their eco-system by offering the support of Lutron’s RadioRa 2 delivering more value to customers, differentiating from competitors, close more business and increase customer loyalty.


Lutron has developed the software driver for their RadioRA 2 total home control system to interface with Resideo VISTA control panels via Resideo 4232CBM (Connected Building Module). These products and drivers are rigorously tested in Lutron labs for interoperability, and allow for RadioRA 2 light, shade, fan, temperature and small appliance controls to react based on different security system states (Arm/Away, Arm/Stay, Disarm, Intrusion Alarm and Fire/Emergency).

Resideo security dealers have been requesting an officially supported method for connecting VISTA control panels with a Lutron solution.

VISTA control panels that interface with RadioRA 2 present Resideo security dealers and qualified RadioRA 2 installers operating in the same region with an opportunity to align their installations and provide their customers with enhanced security services, convenience and energy savings. Dealers already installing both product lines will now be able to benefit from the wide range of Resideo security panels and peripherals in their home automation installations.

A single, low-cost module (4232CBM) and RadioRA 2 software driver supports both residential and commercial Resideo VISTA panels (VISTA-15P, 20P, 21iP, 32FBPT, 128BPT, 128FBPT, 250BPT, 250FBPT and equivalent models sold by First Alert Professional dealers*). RadioRA 2 components program in the RadioRA 2 software with dedicated buttons for programming reactions to Arm/Away, Arm/Stay, Disarm, Intrusion Alarm and Fire/Emergency security commands.

Any Resideo security dealer interested in becoming a qualified RadioRA 2 installer should complete RadioRA 2 Level 1 training in-person or online. Contact your local ADI branch or email RA2Training@lutron.com to find out when a training is happening near you, or create an account at http://www.lutron.com/lcionline to enroll in Learning Plan LP 620 and complete the training online.

All Resideo and Lutron equipment, including the 4232CBM interface module, is available at ADI.

Resideo is not selling Lutron products and Lutron is not selling Resideo products. As noted above, the equipment is available at all ADI branches. Our relationship is enabling the business opportunity for Resideo security dealers and RadioRa 2 installers through the module/driver interface.

  • Lutron will handle technical support for the RadioRA 2 software driver
    • Lutron 24/7 Technical Support: 1-800-523-9466
  • Resideo will handle technical support for the 4232CBM module
    • Resideo Technical Support: 1-800-645-7492

*Specific minimum software versions are required; consult the 4232CBM data sheet for more details.