Saving money on energy bills with certified ENERGY STAR® products

Savings You Can Prove

Share your energy savings knowledge and expertise to help expand your customer services and drive demand. Our ENERGY STAR® certified products deliver cost savings, useful data and new ways to think about thermostats.

What is Energy Star?

ENERGY STAR® is a government-backed certification program for energy efficiency. When you offer products with the ENERGY STAR® symbol, your customers will know they’ve been tested, proven and certified for energy efficiency.


Energy Star® Works for Your Customers

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Programmable options save on energy costs whether home or away

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Temperatures adapt automatically to optimize their comfort

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App integration allows for easy thermostat adjustment from anywhere

Customers can review ENERGY STAR® monthly usage reports

Seeing is Believing

Position yourself as a trusted resource when you prove their savings with real data. Encourage your customers to purchase and register their ENERGY STAR® certified thermostat to receive monthly usage reports and helpful tips on savings, trends and more.