RedLINK® Technology: Creating Connections

Grow your business wisely and wirelessly through a robust platform designed to simplify the complexity of whole-home comfort solutions installation and sales.

How RedLINK® Technology Helps Your Technicians

Design advanced solutions with ease

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RedLINK® solutions can help improve overall comfort in every room of the home

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RedLINK® products let you create solutions that grow with your customers’ needs

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RedLINK® technology is more robust than WiFi, with a signal proven to work through walls and multiple levels

How RedLINK Technology Can Help Your Customers

RedLINK® technology and Whole-home comfort


Whole-home comfort takes a whole-home solution. Help your customers address too-hot and too-cold spots, ventilation issues and indoor air quality concerns with RedLINK wireless comfort systems.

RedLINK® technology to help with your home air system


Moving the thermostat to a more desirable location is easier with RedLINK connectivity. Your installers won’t have to run wires or break through walls and your customers will enjoy how simple it is to use their new product.

RedLINK® to help connect your home air system


The RedLINK Internet Gateway allows any RedLINK system the ability to be controlled from anywhere through the Total Connect Comfort app.*

*T10 works with the Resideo App

RedLINK® Training through Resideo Pro PERKS

Train with RedLINK®

Upgrade your RedLINK® knowledge to increase your upsell potential. Join Resideo Pro PERKS for access to specialized RedLINK training opportunities.

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