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Win more customers.
Keep them longer.
Drive profits.

With the ProSeries platform.

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Available in the PROA7PLUS

All our technology.
All your expertise.
ProSeries brings it all together.

The ProSeries PROA7PLUS platform, our ultimate connected security solution, offers your customers the most comprehensive and integrated security system all under one roof. Our largest-ever range of supported home and small business solutions is scalable, modular, and can be customized for your customers’ individual lifestyles and price points.

The ProSeries platform provides flexibility to your customers and to you, with Amazon Alexa built-in (PROA7PLUS), smart home control from a single app, and easy expansion as their needs grow. The end-to-end ecosystem works with competitor systems and legacy models, making takeovers and upgrades simple, cost-effective, and stress-free.

Less hassle. Fewer site visits. More for your bottom line.

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WIN more customers

The ProSeries platform doesn't just protect your customers - it brings all their smart products together, allowing them to manage them all from one single system.

KEEP them longer

ProSeries products are future-proof - ongoing expansions are hassle-free, new technologies are easily accommodated, and built-in LTE upgrades increase lifespan.

DRIVE profits

With powerful hardware, optimized software, smarter installs, and remote servicing, ProSeries products are efficient. Fewer truck rolls mean you can focus on driving your bottom line.

Help your customers feel secure, safe, and in control with ProSeries products.

More customization. More protection. More for your bottom line.

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Helping your business win more customers

ProSeries offers your customers a smart, connected home or small business with a single, easy-to-use app, which controls lighting, locks, thermostats and more. Optional features like video storage help you upsell and increase your RMR.

Modular by design, ProSeries products can be customized to your customers' lifestyles and price points. It's responsive, alerts faster than ever and offers an enhanced mobile experience. The future-proof system will grow with customer needs and is ready for the next technology trend.

Amazon Alexa Built-In

Available in the PROA7PLUS model

Not only does the ProSeries platform work with Amazon Alexa—it's actually built in! Customers get Alexa functionality directly on the device, so whether they want to check the weather forecast or raise their thermostat, they can do so with simple voice commands.

Amazon, Alexa and all related logos are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates.

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Long-term revenue. Built-in.

The ProSeries platform brings together protection and retention. It's future-proof, designed to grow with your customers' needs, in the home and in the small business. Ongoing expansions are hassle-free, new technologies are easily accommodated, and built-in LTE upgrades increase and extend lifespan.

And though the ProSeries platform makes takeovers easy for you, it's difficult for competitors. Our sensors lock to our panels, preventing re-use, which means customers considering a change must get in touch, allowing you an opportunity to discuss their needs.

More profits.

The ProSeries platform of products means efficiency. Customizable templates and checklists create smarter installs and fewer repeat visits. Every feature runs on the same platform and app so you only need to train once.

Our software sets the standard creating a simple, single-platform workflow, easy account creation, simple installation, and an overall better customer experience. Maintain customer systems with remote updates, monitoring, diagnostics and service planning, saving you time so you can focus on driving your bottom line.
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Every aspect of the ProSeries is designed to help you win more customers, keep them longer, and drive profits.

Modular design suitable for each customer's individual lifestyle

Customizable solutions to suit all needs and price points

Included in the Proseries PROA7PLUS model, the Amazon Alexa voice control and handsfree disarming, all controlled by one app

One-Go-All-Go alarms give your customers the ultimate life safety solutions

Residential and small-medium business served with one system

Compatible with market-leading smart home technologies

Modular to support changing needs and technologies

Maintenance made simple

Monitor your base for attribution risks

Locks your sensors and protects RMR

'Over the air' updates

Remote systems diagnostics and anytime-anywhere maintenance

Optional DIY battery and radio module replacement.

Universal peripherals for efficent stock controls and up-selling

One system. Hardware, software and support all together.

Simpler user interface - easier to learn for you and your customers.

online and instructor-led training

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Find helpful information, tools and other marketing materials for the ProSeries platform on our ProPortal, all designed to help your customers get the most out of ProSeries security.

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Keep your customers connected

Deliver a smart experience that earns you RMR and increases attach rates by offering features with Resideo Total Connect Remote Services. Through our app or website, users remotely control security, video cameras, smart video doorbells, thermostats, lighting, locks, and more. This lets your customers stay connected anytime, anywhere.