A Resideo professional attends to a thermostat on the wall. The thermostat is set to 72 degrees.

Make Your Customers Feel Right at Home

Comfort means different things to different people. Like whether 67° is too hot or too cold. Or that your customers are doing everything they can to manage their energy costs. The T Series offers a range of products designed to help your customers find the functions and features they want at a price that fits comfortably within their budgets.

Designed with Contractors in Mind

Give your customers smart comfort control that’s as easy to install as it is to use

Intuitive set up of T Series

Intuitive Set Up

On-screen menus use familiar installer setup (ISU) steps to save time and hassle

Faster installs of T Series

Faster Installs

One mount fits all, simplifying your training, install process and truck stock

Simplified upsell of T Series

Simplified Upsell

Snap-together design makes it easy to upgrade customers to a connected thermostat

A female Resideo professional holds an unboxed thermosat and speaks with a female homeowner in her living room.

Tap into the 80% of Customers Who Want to Make Their Homes Smarter

The T Series helps you meet the growing demand for smart, connected and intelligent homes.

Children enjoying comfort in a living room

How Can a Thermostat Connect with Homeowners?

Select T Series models intuitively prioritize the temperature in multiple rooms, based on preference or motion detection of occupied rooms.

A family enjoying comfort

Put the Potential of Comfort Management in Their Hands

The T Series works with the Resideo App, allowing your customers to prioritize room comfort, get alerts on temperature variations and monitor their temperature from their phone or tablet.

A Wall Mount with Upselling Built in

The T Series offers an array of in-demand features depending on which model you select. Plus, the new UWP mounting system means upgrading your customers to the enhanced functionality of a new product is a snap. Literally. Get to know the thermostat series built with your customers—and your business—in mind.

Temperature control icon

Temperature Control

Temperature awareness icon

Temperature Awareness

(Temperature in multiple rooms)

Temperature Prioritization icon

Temperature Prioritization

(Based on motion)

RedLink Functionality icon

RedLINK Functionality

Remote access icon

Access from Anywhere

(Connection with Resideo App)

Temperature alert icon

Temperature Alerts 

(When rooms are too cold)


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