Pro–IQ™ AirCycle

Help Customers Understand Indoor Air Quality

Improving indoor air quality can benefit your customers; educating them about it can help build your business. The Pro-IQ™ AirCycle program equips your technicians with data-driven insights they can use to demonstrate product and service recommendations.

Advance Your Indoor Air Quality Approach

The Pro-IQ AirCycle training makes it simple to start an Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) conversation with your customers.

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Solution-Based Selling

This subscription service offers you new ways to generate revenue with solutions informed by data and backed by science

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Enhanced Credibility

Use what you learn to frame indoor air quality conversations around facts, not speculation

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Customer Retention

Apply your results to create ongoing and measurable indoor air quality plans for your customers

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"We've Grown Our Residential Air Quality Revenue by 31%"*

Resideo Pro-IQ AirCycle Participant

*Results vary based on program participation

Put Data to Work for You

The Pro-IQ AirCycle subscription service revolves around a sophisticated diagnostic device – the AirCycle Pro monitor measuring 6 key Indoor Air Quality indicators. You’ll discover how in just minutes, your technicians gain easy-to-understand reporting they can share directly with homeowners. Each report generates product recommendation sets fed by a national database of Indoor Air Quality trends plus specific individual measurement results.

Carbon Monoxide SVG

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon Dioxide SVG

Carbon Dioxide


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Relative Humidity

UV Indoor Air Quality

Odors & Smells

Build Your Business

The Resideo AirCycle Program provides powerful data captured by our exclusive AirCycle Pro monitor. You’ll learn how to use this data to add value to customer visits, helping improve their lives while helping you boost your bottom line. Equipped with knowledge and backed by science, your technicians can more confidently serve homeowners.

AirCycle gives you data you can use for your own operations, too. Owners and managers receive access to a dashboard with insights that can help inform business decisions.

  • Revenue forecasting for managing sales goals
  • Technician comparison reports for goal setting and performance tracking
  • Localized trend analysis for direct insight into homeowner needs
    Aircycle dashboard
    Aircycle calculate

    Training Options

    Technician training plus monitor*

    Cost includes training plus one AirCycle Pro Monitor per technician.



    • One AirCycle Pro Monitor, plus monitor software update**
    • In-person training, plus monitor software update*
    • Extended coaching support through the platform
    • Access to full suite of tools and online resources
    • Unlimited access to monitor reports

    *For technician training plus monitor, first year of annual cellular service agreement is included. Annual cellular service subscription is $995 with discounts for multiple monitors.

    **Cellular service agreements may apply with the AirCycle Pro Monitor.

    Indoor Air Quality Products

    WiFi Thermostats for Comfort Control

    Comfort Control

    Whole Home Dehumidifiers


    UV Indoor Air Quality

    Odors & Smells

    Whole Home Humidifiers



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    Resideo AirCycle Program

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