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Smart 3G to LTE® Conversion

Resideo is partnering with CellBounce to help keep AlarmNet® AT&T 3G GSM Communicators connected after the AT&T® 3G/4G Sunset on 2/22/2022.* CellBounce allows your business to eliminate truck rolls and reduce technical labor while ensuring your customers are protected.

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Smart 3G to LTE Conversion Tool

  • As AT&T begins to retire its 3G network, existing AT&T 3G/4G GSM devices will no longer be able to connect to an AT&T carrier network.
  • CellBounce is an innovative solution that allows these devices to communicate beyond the network shutdowns.
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Quick and Easy End-User Installation

  • CellBounce is quickly pre-programmed using AlarmNet 360™ before device is sent to customers
  • End-user simply plugs in device near the existing communicator
  • Save time and money with no truck rolls or labor needed!
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Services Maintained

  • Allow AlarmNet AT&T 3G GSM Communicators to operate past the AT&T® 3G/4G Sunset**
  • Keep your accounts active and protected

This is a Limited Time Offer

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*AT&T commits to support CellBounce devices on the AT&T LTE network until May 1, 2025.
**CellBounce is not for use with High Security or Commercial Fire Accounts