Advanced Modular Communicator

Introducing Resideo's new LTEM-PA & LTEM-PV Advanced Modular Communicator. It's designed to provide dealers with powerful choices on which communication paths to use, what panels to connect, how to program, and what services to deliver to your customer.

Fast. Versatile. Innovative.

LTE CAT M1 Technology

LTEM-P communicators utilize LTE CAT M1 technology, used by leading carriers which is specifically designed for IoT devices to provide improved efficiency and signal strength underground and within structures.*


*Source: AT&T and Verizon®

An icon shows four arrows form a square with each arrow pointing out from each corner.

Modular to support changing needs and technologies

An icon shows a plug is unplugged from its socket.

Future-focused design to increase lifespan

An icon shows a home.

One communicator works for residential and commercial customers

An icon shows lines representing wireless range.

Strong signal penetration

An icon shows three connected arrows pointing to the right.

Multiple communication paths with Wi-Fi capability

An icon shows a blue sqaure that branches out to three white squares below it.

Quick control of connected devices via Total Connect® 2.0

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