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Fact Sheet: Resideo Indoor Air Quality Solutions

The Average Person Breathes 20,000 Times per Day, So It’s Vital to Know What Is in the Air

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AirCycle Program

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is a real issue, and 95% of homes have a measurable problem that can be fixed. But IAQ conversations can be tough. Homeowners can feel temperature, but they can’t as quickly see, touch, or feel poor air quality. This makes it hard for them to know what to buy.

Resideo is empowering heating and cooling professionals to start a new conversation about indoor air quality and whole-home comfort. The company’s AirCycle program is a proven business development program that helps HVAC contractors produce more revenue and help the homeowner transform their IAQ.

Using homeowners’ real-time IAQ data it enables contractors to have a data-driven conversation about whole-home comfort. It informs the homeowner and the professional about potential IAQ challenges. From there, the professional can quickly and effortlessly build IAQ into every conversation with every customer – offering solutions informed by data and backed by science.

There are four elements of the program: Tools, training, analytics, and coaching. The monitor measures the six critical components of IAQ. For $1,995, the professional receives one AirCycle monitor, training, coaching, and unlimited access to reports. Through training and measurable, meaningful data that simplifies the IAQ conversation, HVAC professionals have seen real results.

Residential IAQ Data

During 12 months of AirCycle beta trials, Resideo gathered more than 15,000 reports and found that more than 95% of all homes will have at least one IAQ issue. What’s more, 51% of homes had three IAQ factors out of control at the same time. For example, 60% of reports found high levels of carbon dioxide – which can be caused by poor ventilation of the air we breathe out. 73% of reports also revealed high amounts of particulates (dust, dander, pollen, smoke soot, and mold spores). 

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