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It’s Time We Had ‘the Talk’ About Water

Our Homes Have a Lot to Say. We Just Need to Know How to Listen.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the first in a three-part series about data-driven water usage. The second article will review water use in bathrooms and kitchens (Aug. 26). The third will focus on laundry (Sept. 2).

It’s true that the average U.S. household uses roughly 300 gallons of water per day. It’s also true that the average U.S. homeowner doesn’t know where to begin with a statistic like this. With clean-water scarcity growing and water bills on the rise, it’s clear that every homeowner needs to hear what our homes are saying about our most essential resource.

Resideo is revolutionizing the connected-home industry with its Buoy® Smart Water Management technology that monitors household water usage through machine learning and artificial intelligence. The device pairs with an app that can tell homeowners exactly how much water each faucet, fixture and appliance is using every day, in real time. This data helps educate homeowners about their water usage, which helps them make informed decisions that are good for the home, budget and the environment.

Leak Protection

With our nation’s water infrastructure aging and the average water bill increasing by 54% in the past five years, our water issues aren’t going away anytime soon. It’s up to homeowners to navigate their water usage and take proactive steps to help avoid surprise water bills.

Monitoring home water usage is crucial because every home loses about 10% of its water through leaks. In fact, a faucet that drips just once per second can waste nearly 30,000 gallons of water a year. If a Connected Shutoff Valve detects a leak, it sends alerts to homeowners or can automatically shut off the water before it may have a chance of becoming catastrophic. Homeowners’ insurance companies pay $9.1 billion in water damage claims annually, and industry studies estimate that 93% of that could be avoided by using a leak detection device with remote shutoff.

Data-Driven Water

Every time someone washes their hands, clothes and dishes, they create a water signature that’s unique to the rhythms of the home. Demystifying water usage begins with taking a closer look at the areas of the home that use the most water:


Between the shower, bathtub, sink and toilet, bathrooms use the most water in the home. Running or leaky toilets are often the source of a home’s slow leakage issues, but it doesn’t need to be that way.


Money and resources literally go down the drain when dishes are washed by hand – using up to 27 gallons per handwash. An ENERGY STAR certified dishwasher can use as little as three gallons per load.


Like the kitchen, the laundry room has seen recent smart upgrades with the introduction of high-efficiency washing machines. What does a home’s laundry routine say about the family? The Connected Shutoff Valve offers insights about how to conserve water and corresponding detergent without sacrificing cleanliness.

Good data can drive good decisions when homeowners have access to the data. Resideo’s technology empowers homeowners to make good decisions about their overall water usage, so we all can feel good about enjoying water – whether it’s taking long showers or having lush lawns and gardens.

Resideo will begin delivering the Connected Shutoff Valve in Fall 2019. Learn more about Resideo’s vision of whole-home solutions in this article on by Niccolo De Masi, Resideo president of products and solutions and chief innovation officer.