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Smart Home Device Owners Create New Opportunities for Security Dealers

Latest ESA research shows what homeowners want

This may not surprise you: smart home device owners are buying more devices. In fact, in the last six years, smart home device ownership increased 20% (from 9% in 2014 to 29% in the fourth quarter of 2019, among U.S. broadband households).

But what may surprise you is where those devices are located and what you can learn from those applications. While we encourage you to read the entire ESA study, Smart Home: A Room-By-Room Analysis1, following are a few of the more interesting insights that professional security dealers could apply when capturing new customers, retaining existing customers and expanding the scope of their businesses.

  • Consumers intending to purchase a network camera are more than two times as likely to place the device on a patio or outdoors. These are locations where consumers would likely benefit from a professional installation.
  • While only four percent of U.S. broadband households reported owning at least one smart door lock, more than 20% reported an intention to purchase one of these devices2
  • More than 80% of consumers find it appealing to have at least one away-from-home routine. The top four routines were: lock doors to house (61%); turn off lights and electronics (48%); adjust heating/air conditioning (47%); and, arm the security system (45%).

Leverage Connectivity & Break Down Silos
As the report made clear, homeowners are purchasing devices that typically address a specific problem – like turning on a light or unlocking a door or adjusting the thermostat. This approach has created technology silos throughout the home. The challenge – and indeed the opportunity for security professionals – is to identify ways to leverage the connectivity in each room, provide additional value and eliminate the silos being created by separate devices.

Many smart home devices are already considered to be a security device (i.e., door locks, video doorbells, network cameras and lighting control devices). The integration of these devices with a professional security platform quickly creates a better experience and adds value for the homeowner.

Resideo's Honeywell Home ProSeries Platform is a professional, monitored, innovative end-to-end security, life safety and fully integrated smart home solution featuring an all-in-one wireless control panel. ProSeries uniquely scales from basic entry-level security, to an advanced smart home with a full end-to-end platform and common set of professionally installed components. The simple act of arming the security system when leaving can trigger the following actions: lock the doors, adjust lights to achieve a lived-in look, use outdoor cameras to keep an eye on the property and lower the temperature to save energy. And all of it can be conveniently accessed and controlled from a single smart phone app, Resideo Total Connect.


Room-by-Room Research
This study was done prior to the emergence of the COVID-19 virus. It is of course not known what (if any) viewpoints would have changed after people were largely homebound for an extended period. But it is very possible that this safer-at-home quarantine has only strengthened many consumers’ interest in investing in their homes, including its security and their overall experience.

For more information and to download the white paper visit the ESA website.

1 This report was commissioned by the Electronic Security Association (ESA) and conducted by research firm, Parks Associates. Resideo sponsored the report.
2 As of Q2 2019.